ARCHER eCSE programme

Author: Chris Johnson
Posted: 4 Dec 2015 | 14:13

The ARCHER embedded Computational Science & Engineering programme (eCSE) provides funding for researchers across the UK to work on the development of software running on ARCHER. This can include improving the performance or usability of the software, inserting new functionality, or efforts to improve its long-term sustainability.  

The programme provides funding for established ARCHER communities but some is also set aside for “New Communities” – that is, communities new to ARCHER looking to move simulations from a Tier-2 (Regional) level to a Tier-1 (National) level. 

The ARCHER eCSE programme is run by a team of three people within the CSE team at EPCC: myself, Xu Guo and Lorna Smith. Our job at EPCC is to oversee the whole process. This starts with the issuing of a call. Once proposals have been received we arrange reviews and an associated panel meeting where decisions are made on which proposals to fund. We then let applicants know the results and projects are set up. Unsuccessful applicants are given feedback on their proposal and advice for future submissions. Throughout the project we liaise with the technical staff working on the projects and run many courses and webinars which they attend.

Finally we deal with the closing of projects and collecting of final reports, summaries of which can be found on the eCSE webpages on the ARCHER website.

Calls to apply

Calls are issued every 4 months and over the course of 4 years, a total of 56 person-years (672 person months) of effort will be awarded. So far 486 person-months have been awarded across 49 projects from 5 separate funding calls.

The frequent nature of calls means that as soon as the review process from a call is complete, it’s time to open the next call! However, this provides momentum and we believe having a regular timetable of calls helps users with the process of submitting proposals.

Technical staff working on eCSE projects may be researchers located at the institution of the PI, third parties, or can include staff from the centralised CSE support team or a mixture of the above. So far we have PIs and staff from 21 different institutions around the UK with a wide variety of projects and subject areas.

Around the time of a call opening we run an ARCHER webinar giving advice on how to submit a proposal. This gives prospective applicants a chance to see how the process works and to ask questions.

Apply now

The current eCSE call (eCSE07) closes on 19th January, 2016.

The eCSE timetable webpage gives the full list of calls.


Chris Johnson, EPCC 



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