Day 4: Big Bang Fair

Author: Mario Antonioletti
Posted: 17 Mar 2016 | 23:06

Day 4 of the Big Bang Fair - we were joined by Toni and Lorna left us to return to Edinburgh. Miles was our allocated helper for today (in the red shirt) who helped us in the early part of the morning but was to be co-opted to be a water tap for Water Aid in the second half of the day (see picture at the end). If anything, today was busier than yesterday. The problem with the dino racing demo crashing discoveed yesterday was fixed. A number of other improvements were made with the supercomputing app showing the most recent scores in case you did not make it the leader board.

Today we had about 320 dinosaurs created for our dino racing demo and 244 computer app runs (compared to about 185 yesterday).  A large crowd built around Wee Archie and the dinosaur racing app:

Our postal sorting demo seemed even busier than yesterday as shown below with Toni demonstrating to a crowd of kids:

The Software Sustainability Institute / EPCC frisbees remained highly sought after items:

About 12 primary school children came to our stall asking which stall was giving them out. Ours, I said, but we have a quota of items to give away each day, and by giving away I mean that they have to be earned though participation in one of our activities, and that quota had already been met. Their disappointment was palpable and I only managed to find three frisbees which I gave to their teacher to distribute in some unfathomable way. Hopefully, the "Think. Code. Explore." message will subliminally get through.

 As stated earlier, our helper Miles, becomes a Water Aid tap. Here he poses for a picture with Toni:

Today, was my last full day at the Big Bang Fair, tomorrow I return to Edinburgh. It appears that each day is becoming busier so I wish my colleagues all the best with the ever increasing number of attendees.

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