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Author: Guest blogger
Posted: 30 Mar 2016 | 17:23

This blog article comes from one of our current Phd students: Athina Frantzana, who is researching the obstacles facing women in the HPC community, and how equality can be improved.

The under-representation of women in STEM workforces has been a widely discussed subject in recent years. However, the recording and analysis of data regarding the gender balance of HPC remains rare.

Our study is a preliminary analysis of workforce and research participation in HPC, and aims to quantify the current level of representation of women in HPC and to provide a baseline for evaluating possible reasons and suggesting ways for future changes to the demographics.

One of the methods we use for our research is the survey. Our survey has been running since the end of February 2016 and we have had a rather satisfactory number of responses. Nevertheless, the survey will be open until the end of April 2016 to encourage even more people to participate.

The survey

If you haven’t already taken part and you work in any HPC field/sector in any position or use HPC facilities for research purposes, please fill in our survey:

Also, we would like to thank all the people who supported our study by responding to our survey or/and promoting it around the HPC community.

This research is still a work in progress, thus details of the methods and research questions may still evolve. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Athina Frantzana or Toni Collis

Women In HPC

To find out more about this subject, visit the website of the Women In HPC network.