Back at the Big Bang Fair

Author: Lorna Smith
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 | 09:57

ARCHER is back at the Big Bang Fair, the largest celebration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) for young people in the UK. Held in Birmingham at the NEC over four days, there were over 70,000 visitors to the exhibition floor last year, so it will be a very busy time.

We have an ARCHER booth at the event, which is designed to engage young people in science and technology and give an understanding what supercomputing is and why it is important. Wee Archie will be present and will be running our newest demonstration, a demo based on the air flow around an aircraft wing. Young people will be able to design their own wing and see whether a plane using this wing could successfully take off and how far it could fly.

In addition we have a beanbag sort activity showing how parallelism works, a supercomputing app which allows you to design and operate your own supercomputer, and Wee Archlet, a smaller parallel system that schools and clubs can design themselves. We'll explain more about all these activities as the week progresses.

Monday and Tuesday (13th and 14th March) have been build days, where we've been putting the stand together and checking everything works. We're old hands now and most things have gone without a hitch, this year arriving with the right boots to get onto the show floor!

The event runs from Wednesday – Saturday (15th -18th March) and we will blog regularly about our activities. So keep an eye on the blog.

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