Industry projects update – and EPCC's Industry 4.0 event

Author: Thomas Blyth
Posted: 18 Jul 2018 | 11:56

2018 has been a busy year for EPCC so far, with several new collaborations with national and international companies. Here are some examples of our latest research-focused projects. We anticipate more success stories soon!

RIGOCAL (RIGOrous CALculation) is a privately owned engineering company based in Aberdeen. It offers a range of services, including marine mammal observation. We are working with Rigocal on the research and experimental development of neural networks and supporting frameworks for the identification of marine mammal species from video images provided in a restricted set of circumstances.

In March we completed a project with Edinburgh-based Oil & Gas SME Artificial Lift Performance (ALP) to determine the feasibility of predictive models for electrical submersible pump (ESP) operations using new and novel machine learning techniques.

This project used large-scale analytics on historical behavioural data utilising machine-learning technologies to predict future ESP operating performance and to define optimal intervention schedules. Based on the success of these two projects EPCC is now defining follow-on R&D collaborations with both companies.

Working with technology start-up DeepMiner, we are providing software expertise to integrate machine-learning and back-end functions into a robust multi-user interface which can cope with ultra-high volumes of queries and process large amounts of data quickly.

In May EPCC started a 12-month collaborative research and development project with Rock Solid Images (RSI), an industry leader in the interpretation and integration of seismic data in hydrocarbon-producing basins around the world.

This project will investigate novel approaches to petrophysics and rock physics analysis using machine learning, with the goal of improving both the quality and turnaround time of the analysis.

The exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry is moving rapidly towards real-time access and analysis of all sub-surface information and this project will develop and optimise new models to do this using machine learning.

Event: Advanced technologies for Industry 4.0

In September, EPCC will run a workshop in partnership with CeeD Scotland that will explain how Scottish engineering and manufacturing companies can benefit from high-performance data analytics and high-performance computing. Representatives of organisations that support the adoption of new technologies by business will be on hand to talk to attendees.

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