Industry projects round up

Author: Thomas Blyth
Posted: 12 Nov 2018 | 15:05

2018 continues to be a busy year for EPCC in terms of industrial collaborations. Here's an overview of some of our recent partnerships.


We recently completed a successful project with Paywizard, the pay-TV subscription, billing, and customer relationship management specialist, to drive the development of new AI-driven capabilities within its subscriber intelligence platform. Our data science specialists enhanced existing machine learning capabilities within the Paywizard platform and developed further predictive modelling capabilities.

A resultant AI product, Paywizard Singula, went on to win a ‘Best of Show’ TV technology award at IBC, the industry’s largest European event.

Orbital Micro Systems

EPCC is working closely with satellite technology provider Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) as part of the newly formed International Centre for Earth Data (ICED) where a satellite-based system is being developed that will vastly improve monitoring and forecasting of extreme weather and natural disasters anywhere in the world.

The programme will capture and analyse data from OMS’ planned constellation of 40 satellites – each about the size of a large shoebox. These missions will include the first launch of the recently announced UK spaceflight programme, using the planned spaceport on Scotland’s north coast.

The ICED will enable near real-time monitoring and improved forecasts for sectors such as insurance, agriculture, aviation, and shipping. EPCC is providing data analytics expertise in conjunction with the latest in high performance computing (HPC) research to manage such large data sets. HPC is crucial when dealing with the petabyte levels of data required for this type of satellite-based modelling.

This multi-disciplinary project involving EPCC and the University’s Schools of Geosciences and Informatics is a great example of the projects that will be at the forefront of the Bayes Centre agenda.


We have also recently kicked off a project with the fast-growing fintech start-up, Sustainably. EPCC is providing software and data architecture expertise to support the company’s rapid growth plans as it looks to scale its offering across the open banking network.

DJ Alexander

In a similar vein, EPCC is supporting the Edinburgh-based property management company DJ Alexander, which will launch an innovative online platform in 2019. We are providing software engineering expertise to its growing development team.

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Thomas Blyth, EPCC

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