HPC-Europa3: “An excellent way to have international collaborations with excellent scientists”

Author: Catherine Inglis
Posted: 4 Dec 2019 | 16:04

The HPC-Europa3 programme funds collaborative visits of up to three months for researchers at any level, in any discipline, who need access to HPC resources.

HPC-Europa3 has now been welcoming visitors to EPCC – and another eight HPC centres around Europe – for nearly two years. The successful applicants to date are from a total of 43 countries. Priority is given to researchers working in the EU and Associated States, but limited places are available for researchers working elsewhere who can make a strong case for funding. There is a roughly equal split among the visitors between post-graduates, postdocs, and experienced researchers, and a wide variety of disciplines are represented.

We have been pleased to see that, compared to previous programmes, there has been an increase in the participation of female researchers, who have accounted for 23% of successful applications so far.

We know that it takes some time for the research started during these visits to reach conclusions and be published. However, with the visitor programme now having been running for nearly two years, we have seen a recent surge in the number of journal publications and conference presentations arising from the visits. We are aware of at least 50 publications and presentations which have resulted from the 265 visits completed to date, including recent or upcoming publications in journals such as ChemPhysChem, Advanced Materials, and the Journal of Computational Physics: X.

Feedback on the programme from both visitors and host researchers has been overwhelmingly positive, with one visitor stating that it had been “the best professional and personal experience of my life”.

Hosts have commented that it is an “excellent way to have international collaborations with excellent scientists”, and have said they appreciate that HPC-Europa takes care of the administrative aspects as well as the HPC support, leaving them to concentrate on the core science.

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Closing dates for applications are held 4 times per year. The next closing dates are 20th February and 14th May 2020.

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HPC-Europa3 is funded until April 2021 by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Catherine Inglis, EPCC

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