ARCHER Embedded Computational Science and Engineering projects

Author: Chris Johnson
Posted: 18 Sep 2019 | 16:01

Since the start of the ARCHER UK National Supercomputing Service service, one hundred eCSE (embedded Computational Science and Engineering) projects have been awarded funding to carry out code improvements for software running on ARCHER and future Tier-1 services. Projects have come from a diverse range of disciplines with principal investigators (PIs), Co-Investigators (Co-Is) and technical staff involved from 44 different institutions across the UK.

As well as projects which have made user codes or packages perform better, we have also had a number of projects which have increased the functionality of codes, improved their usability, or improved the overall data workflow.

At the conclusion of every project, PIs and technical staff produce final reports which are used to create a selection of highlights with links to the full reports and other outputs of the project. We have just added a few more of these from recently finished projects and more are will be added as projects complete. See

Image taken from 'PANDORA Upgrade: Particle Dispersion in Bigger Turbulent Boxes'.


Chris Johnson, EPCC


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