Privacy, transparency and control: disrupting the charitable-giving sector

Author: Guest blogger
Posted: 18 Jun 2019 | 15:57

EPCC has been working closely with Edinburgh-based fintech company Sustainably, supporting its rapid growth in the charitable giving sector. Here Loral Quinn, Co-founder and CEO at Sustainably, describes our collaboration.

Sustainably is disrupting a $400 billion market by making it easier for businesses and consumers to have a positive impact every day by rounding up cashless transactions and donating spare change to causes they care about automatically every time they shop.

Sustainably brings together macro trends in cashless transactions, philanthropy, ethical consumerism, and corporate social responsibility into one platform to make it easy for businesses and consumers to give to causes they care about in connected and frictionless ways, with privacy, transparency and control, and create impact in communities and around the world, every day. The company’s digital platform is connecting to 95% of the UK banking sector and will provide a secure, robust and seamless platform that will allow businesses and consumers to make positive contributions to charities of their choice.

Across multiple projects EPCC is providing software development and data architecture expertise including API functionality across multiple platforms, identity management and front-end/ back-end development support.

EPCC’s support is required to ensure that the architecture is not only fit for purpose, but utilises the latest thinking and art-of-the-possible around systems, data science and security. To provide the software development and data architecture expertise to support Sustainably’s growth, EPCC has been drawing on its expertise in advanced data analytics, software and machine intelligence and its extensive experience of applying innovative technologies to more than a thousand organisations.

As Sustainably develops its core functionality for scaling this collaborative project, with the expertise from EPCC, will support Sustainably’s strategic objectives of delivering data driven impact by ensuring its software, systems, processes and security are scalable and robust.


Loral Quinn, Sustainably CEO

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