Re-engineering property management in the UK

Author: Mike Jackson
Posted: 15 Jun 2019 | 15:38

EPCC is providing ongoing technical support to Edinburgh-based property management company DJ Alexander as it expands across the UK in conjunction with the release of its revolutionary software platform, Apropos. It has been very rewarding to work with DJ Alexander, helping them develop a software solution that facilitates rather than constrains their expansion and helps contribute to their continued success.

The Apropos platform will provide an integrated online service for landlords, tenants and DJ Alexander’s own staff. It utilises the latest advances in software development to provide a new and innovative property management experience. EPCC is supporting the platform across various dimensions, from distinct projects designing best-in-class software architecture to developing database and cloud computing infrastructure and providing ongoing technical expertise to the Apropos software development team.

To date, EPCC has provided DJ Alexander with advice on both technical designs and release plans. We have reviewed a new design for a single sign-on server architecture; advised on the deployment of database read-replicas and how to preserve data during application rollbacks; provided input into their production deployment plan, and discussed issues that DJ Alexander could encounter when rolling out Apropos and contingencies for them based on our experiences of service provision. We have also undertaken a review of popular open source business rules engines to assess their suitability for future integration into Apropos.

Future project engagements will include advanced data analytics and machine learning models to further optimise the Apropos platform and service to users.

“Working with EPCC has been extremely useful. Knowing that we have embedded the right software systems and architecture from the start ensures that we will be able to rapidly scale across the UK in line with our business growth plans.”
Nick Maunder, Apropos CTO

A launch is planned for later in 2019. Later releases will allow contractors, sellers and buyers to access their own portals.


Mike Jackson, EPCC

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