Service Portal for engineering excellence launched

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Posted: 4 Aug 2020 | 16:06

EPCC is a partner in the EXCELLERAT programme, which brings together key players from industry, research and HPC to provide services that will enable the European engineering industry to advance towards Exascale technologies.

There are great opportunities for engineering applications in exploiting Exascale computing. EXCELLERAT brings together expertise in HPC and engineering software to support the development of applications that can exploit computing capability at this level. 

The EXCELLERAT Service Portal is a single point of access for expertise on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and co-design with high-performance computing can benefit engineering.

The EXCELLERAT Service Platform includes training, access to codes and software, and expert consultation. By presenting a wide variety of resources in an easily-accessible format, it will play an essential role in EXCELLERAT’s mission to create a Centre of Excellence in Engineering. The Portal offers participants the most suitable type of support, based on their own current needs. 

We have adopted a user-centric approach in designing the Portal, and it therefore offers separate dashboards tailored towards engineers, software developers, and the general engineering community. Each dashboard quickly directs users to relevant content, and delivers tailored information accordingly, providing a quick route to any related content and offers an easy way to request services from EXCELLERAT.

Engineers’ dashboard

The Engineers’ dashboard is designed for EXCELLERAT’s end-users. It contains technical content and presents the codes, tools, and use cases under development by project partners. There is also a repository of the datasets that have been produced and publicly released by EXCELLERAT.

Developers’ dashboard

The Developers’ dashboard presents codes and use cases, with accompanying content tailored to the developers of software codes. And importantly, it presents a detailed list of the consulting topics for which EXCELLERAT can provide support.  

Community dashboard

The Community dashboard brings together content of interest to the entire engineering community. It includes the EXCELLERAT training portfolio, a repository of all material published by EXCELLERAT, advice on accessing events organised by project partners, a careers portal, and funding opportunities for the Engineering community. 


EXCELLERAT Service Portal

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Claudio Arlandini, Cineca


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