Better engineering through HPC

Author: Mark Sawyer
Posted: 5 May 2021 | 10:21

EPCC is a partner in the EXCELLERAT project, a single point of access for expertise on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and Co-design with high-performance computing (HPC) can benefit engineering, especially in the aeronautics, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors.

EXCELLERAT’s Service Portal offers a range of services such as training and individual consultations that help users incorporate Exascale solutions (data analytics, data management, HPC, co-design, visualisation, codes for simulations) into their research or product development. Users are provided with the exact type of support they will most benefit from, based on their own current needs.

To help the project better understand how to address users' needs, we are asking target groups to take a look at the resources available at then to complete the relevant survey:

Each survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Please respond to the survey by Wednesday 12 May 2021.


Mark Sawyer, EPCC



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