National HPC Services hosted by EPCC

Author: Tracy Peet
Posted: 21 Jun 2021 | 11:10

At our Advanced Computing Facility (ACF), we host a remarkable collection of high-performance computing and data services. These include Public Health Scotland’s National Safe Haven and UK national research systems such as ARCHER2, Cirrus and Tesseract, as well as smaller scale systems designed to explore new technologies.

Here are some highlights from our current work in this area.


The UK National Supercomputing Service ARCHER2 is a world class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. It is hosted and managed by EPCC at our Advanced Comouting Facility. It is part of the PRACE initiative which gives leading scientific users access to a European pool of supercomputers.

Link to Lorna’s article on EPCC blog.
The ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition showcases some of the research carried out on the system:


Cirrus is an EPSRC Tier-2 National HPC Facility and is available for users in both academia and industry. Housed at EPCC's Advanced Computing Facility, it is a flexible, state-of-the-art high performance computing system that provides an ideal platform for users to solve their computational, simulation, modelling, and data science challenges.


Hosted and maintained by EPCC, ARCHER successfully supported HPC research for 7 years.
Video: "Decommissioning the ARCHER National HPC Service (January 2021)"

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