Webinar: Containers for high performance computing

Author: Gavin Pringle
Posted: 17 Sep 2021 | 14:13

The next e-Seminar from CompBioMed will take place on the 6th of October at 14:00 BST. Michael Bareford, EPCC, University of Edinburgh, will introduce the principles behind using containers for high performance computing.

Containers are a convenient means of encapsulating complex software environments, but can this convenience be realised for parallel research codes? Running such codes costs money, which means that code performance is often tuned to specific supercomputer platforms. Therefore, for containers to be useful in the world of HPC, it must be possible to capture this specialisation within a single container. Indeed, a container should be dedicated to one research code and have the ability to run efficiently on multiple HPC platforms. This presentation will explore a workflow that attempts to achieve this aim using Singularity containers that bind to the MPI libraries on the host.

Further information and registration: www.compbiomed.eu/compbiomed-e-seminar-18/


Gavin Pringle, EPCC

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