EPCC storms ahead in cycle challenge

Author: Eilidh Troup
Posted: 21 Mar 2016 | 10:13

EPCC staff have enthusiastically engaged with the ‘Love to Ride, Edinburgh’ cycling challenge. This is an effort to get more people to cycle within Edinburgh for environmental and health reasons through fun workplace competitions. Workplaces compete in a league based on the number of staff and EPCC is currently topping the departmental league (50-199 staff) .

To take part, you just need to log at least one 10 minute cycle ride before the 21st of March 2016 at lovetoride.net. There are some great prizes to be won, including bikes and cinema tickets. There are bonus prizes for new cyclists as the main aim is to encourage people who have not cycled for a while to give it another go.

On a prearranged date a lunchtime meet-up was arranged with staff bringing in a selection of bikes, including an electric bike and a tandem. Riding a tandem is a great team-work challenge. It certainly relies on trusting your partner if you are not leading at the front, but our tandem team, consisting of Tracy and Chris, made it all the way round the Kings Building campus without even a harsh word being exchanged. In the meantime, Fiona, already an avid cycler, was taking it easy on the electric bike, a great option for hilly Edinburgh. It was great to see some people who do not cycle so often (including one who hasn’t cycled since the 80’s) giving it a go, and learning the importance of adjusting your saddle height before you set off as some who did not heed the advice painfully found out!

I certainly hope that this will encourage some of my fellow staff members to start cycling to help their fitness levels and the environment. If not, at least they had fun on the day. Thanks are also due to Andy for helping me to organize this event.

EPCC cyclists pose for a group picture.

Arno kindly videoed our 'Tour de KB’. It was just one mile, but hopefully the first of many for EPCC’s new cyclists.



Start Cycling

Inspired? Why not Start on Friday? You can plan your route here: CycleStreets.



Mario Antonioletti's picture

I got a free cinema ticket from doing this 0.9 mile circuit ... not bad ...

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