Teacher's Pack

EPCC, under the ARCHER Outreach project, has developed some introductory lessons aimed at school children that address the following topics:

  • what a computer is used for
  • what the different parts of a computer are
  • what simulations and science is developed on large supercomputers
  • what the basic data types and binary are

These lessons are available on GitHub or through a downloadable zip file (21.5Mb). The reveal.js library is used (distributed in the zip file so you do not have to install anything else). To view the slides just download the zip file and open the index.html file in any up to date web browser. Navigate through the slide set by clicking on the bottom right of a slide. Clicking on the down triangle will dive into a topic, on the up triangle will go back up through the topic and on the left or right triangle will move you move on to the next topic or move back through a topic (or see the following keyboard shortcuts).

There are accompanying worksheets for the lessons in the assets subdirectory.

The lessons are an ongoing development and will be revised over time as new lessons are developed and feedback is received. We would welcome any feedback that you might have.

These lessons were developed with the help of Primary 7 (10-12 year olds) at St. Mary's Primary School, Bannockburn, Stirling in 2016-17.

Any feedback, suggestions or queries should be addressed to Alistair Grant (a.grant@epcc.ed.ac.uk).


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