Blue Gene/Q

Our Blue Gene/Q supercomputer consists of 6144 compute nodes housed in 6 frames. Each node comprises a 16 core Powerpc64 A2 processor, with 16GB memory per node, giving a total of 98,304 cores and a peak performance of 1.26 PetaFlops. Utilising ultra low latency, high bandwith inter-processor communications and memory architecture, the Blue Gene/Q delivers exceptional levels of application performance and scalability.

The system offers full Red Hat Linux distribution on service, front-end and I/O nodes, and, a lightweight Compute Node Kernal (CNK) on compute nodes that ensures ultimate scaling with no O/S jitter.

The Blue Gene/Q provides support for both shared memory and hybrid programming models including POSIX, MPI and OpenMP, and support for IBM XL Fortran, C and C++ compliers. A wide range of application codes can be supported. Examples include Computational Fluid Dynamics with OpenFoam through to Molecular Dynamics modelling with LAMMPS, NAMD and Amber. The machine's capability is complemented with exceptional levels of reliability enabling solutions to "whole system" challenges such as, for example, the simulation of an entire nuclear reactor.

Pricing for access to Blue Gene/Q is available upon request.

To apply for time on Blue Gene/Q contact George Graham +44 (0) 131 651 3460 or +44 (0) 777 370 8191.




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