Emmanouil Farsarakis

Emmanouil Farsarakis
Current Position: Applications Developer - EPCC, University of Edinburgh

I completed my undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Crete in Greece. During my time at the University of Crete, I undertook projects in various fields of science, from electro-magnetism to complex network modelling, mainly focusing on how the given problem could be interpreted computationally. I became interested in parallel programming after completing an introductory course to parallel programming online. I was attracted to the new level of complexity it involved, and how it elegantly brought together my knowledge in Physics with my interest in programming.

I began my search for a graduate programme with the aim of improving my programming skills and computer science knowledge. Though I was able to secure positions with a few universities, my final choice was the University of Edinburgh and EPCC. I was acquainted with a graduate of the MSc in HPC who assured me that the programme did not require extensive programming skills (as the title implied), but rather helped build them from the ground up, leading to a good standing in the job market afterward. The university’s standing in the world rankings along with the offer of a scholarship sealed the deal for me.

During my studies at EPCC, not only was I able to build strong programming skills, but I also gained a good foundation of computer science to support them. I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the parallel programming experts of EPCC as well as industrial partners such as Boston Ltd. and NVIDIA, and I regularly used ARCHER, the UK Supercomputing Facility, for my coursework. However, participation in the Student Cluster Competition and our team’s success at ISC14 in Germany, far surpassed any expectations I may have had before coming to Edinburgh.

I currently work at EPCC as an Applications Developer. I chose to stay at EPCC and the University of Edinburgh, having seen first-hand the great work being carried out here. My position at EPCC gives me the opportunity to work on innovative projects, both in industry and academia. My current projects involve the optimisation of scientific codes for state-of-the-art HPC hardware. I learn more every day as part of my job and I am able to share that knowledge by being involved in my other great interest, teaching. 

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