Webinar: Introduction to HPC

UK Supercomputing, Data Science and EPCC's MSc Programmes in HPC

Wed 26 April 2017 at 12:30 BST (GMT +1)

This event will be held online.

Presented by Dr David Henty, EPCC

Registration link: https://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/msc/programmes/webinar-introduction-hpc/2017-webinar-registration-page

Participation link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/260F5B8D7A5F0CA0337D6FE70BC09568


In this webinar, Dr David Henty of EPCC will give a brief overview of ARCHER, the UK national High Performance Computing (HPC) service, what it is used for and how it is programmed. The new network of Tier-2 HPC services in the UK will also be covered. I will also introduce EPCC's one-year Masters courses in HPC, and in HPC with Data Science, which teach all the techniques required to use parallel supercomputers.

The webinar should be of interest to anyone with a background in the physical sciences or computer science who is keen on programming and interested in developing expertise in HPC and parallel programming.

Supercomputers such as ARCHER are a core component of scientific research in the 21st century. Areas such as materials modelling, engineering, astrophysics and climate research increasingly rely on large-scale computer simulations. With the growing interest in "Big Data", supercomputers are also required to analyse the huge quantities of data being collected.

Modern supercomputers are all massively parallel systems - ARCHER itself has almost 120,000 processor-cores - and special parallel programming techniques are required to exploit the power of these systems. Importantly, these techniques are very portable and are applicable to multicore laptops, GPU systems and computing clusters as well as the world's largest supercomputers.

How to take part

Before the session: preparation

The session will take place in Blackboard Collaborate, which is a live and virtual meeting environment. It is important to make sure you check your computer set up for using the software at least a day before the session. Try not to leave these steps until the day of the event.

Refer to our Technical help pages to ensure that your computer set-up is compatible with our system requirements: Computer requirements and technical support.

On the day: accessing the session

Registration is not required for this event, although if you wish to hear more from EPCC about the field of High Performance Computing then you are welcome to register here. Please click the link below to join the session.

Participation link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/260F5B8D7A5F0CA0337D6FE70BC09568

You will be able to enter this Blackboard Collaborate session from 12:00 BST. 


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