Guest Lecture archive

Our Guest Lecture series has run every year since 1996. Here are some of the more recent.

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Data Centric Deep Computing
Dr Crispin Keable, IBM
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Fast as Lightning: High Performance Computing at the Met Office
Dr Chris Maynard, Met Office
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Games: Playing with Threads
Ben Nicholson, Frontier Developments
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF) Videos (WMV)

HPC Patterns in the Cloud
Chris Hayman, Amazon

The Power of Many: Running Many Simulations on Many Supercomputers
Dr Shantenu Jha, Rutgers University
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)


GPU Computing: Past, Present and Future
Dr Timothy Lanfear, Nvidia
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Co-design on BG/Q
Dr Peter Boyle, School of Physics & Astronomy

FireGrid: A better response to fire emergencies
Dr George Beckett, EPCC
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF) Video (WMV)

Parallel Computing in Finance
Fraser Young, Barclays Capital

Time- and Frequency-Domain Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dr Sergio Campobasso, University of Glasgow


Applications of HPC to Materials Chemistry
Dr Scott Woodley, University College London
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Fluidity: an adaptive, unstructured mesh CFD framework. Applications, software development methods and parallel performance
Dr Jon Hill, Imperial College London
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Building Cloud Infrastructures (looking inside Flexiscale)
Gihan Munasinghe & Tabassum Sharif, Flexiant
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Scaling Scientific Applications on Cray Hardware
Dr Jason Beech-Brandt, Cray
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Large Scale Computations @ Google: BigTable and MapReduce
Wojciech Mikanik, Google Poland

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Simon Wong, ICHEC
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)


Lattice QCD, HPC and GPUs
Dr Alistair Hart, University of Edinburgh
Podcast (MP3)

Instruction Level Parallelism: a historical perspective
Prof. Roland Ibbett, EPCC
Podcast (MP3) Slides (PDF)

Freescale P4080 Embedded Multicore Processor
Arthur Mackay, Freescale Semiconductor

Lightning Fast! HPC at the Met Office
Dr Paul Selwood, UK Met Office
Podcast (MP3)

High Performance Storage with SSDs
Barry Whyte, IBM UK
Podcast (MP3)


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