New Best Practice Guides on interoperability

08 May 2017

The INTERTWinE project has published Best Practice Guides on interoperability between different combinations of programming models, and the interoperability challenges which these will present on the exascale systems of the near future.

The guides are aimed at developers of applications that already use, or could potentially benefit from, these different types of hybrid programming. 


The Best Practice Guides cover the following topics: 

  • OpenMP/OmpSs/StarPU + Multi-threaded Libraries 
  • MPI + OmpSs/OpenMP tasks 
  • MPI + OpenMP 
  • GASPI + MPI 


Download the Guides
INTERTWinE project website

INTERTWinE is co-ordinated by EPCC and funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme.


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