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30 November 2017

Our online postgraduate courses in High Performance Computing and HPC with Data Science will run for the third time in January 2018.

These can be stand-alone courses or taken as part of an online Masters, Diploma or Certificate on the University of Edinburgh’s online Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) programme.

This unique programme brings together courses from all three of the University’s Colleges and offers varied perspectives on data science and related fields. From medical informatics to machine vision and robotics, there are courses for people with an array of backgrounds and interests.

"On these courses you’ll have access to many of the same machines and resources as our on-campus students, including (in our Intro to HPC course) ARCHER, the UK’s national supercomputer service. These are postgraduate courses, so they are not open to everyone in the way that a MOOC is, but they are designed to be accessible to anyone with an undergraduate degree in a numerate discipline or equivalent work experience." Adam Carter, Programme Director for the University of Edinburgh’s online Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) programme.

No knowledge of any particular programming language is required, but some courses are practical and will require students to do some programming. Those with no previous programming experience should be ready for a steep learning curve.

Students study to the same level as for an on-campus Masters and receive an equivalent level of personalised support and feedback but, because it’s online, courses can be taken over a period of up to six years from anywhere in the world. What’s more, if you’re considering signing up for the Masters programme, you can start with (and therefore pay for) just a single course. If you then want to take things further, you can move on to the full programme and count the credits you have already earned (providing you finish the programme within the maximum prescribed time).

Further information

EPCC’s online courses:
Practical Introduction to Data Science gives a hands-on introduction to many of the important aspects of data science, from data management to data mining.
Practical Introduction to HPC covers all the fundamental concepts that underpin modern HPC and will allow you to explore these topics by running parallel programs on real HPC systems.

University of Edinburgh’s DSTI programme: www.ed.ac.uk/data-science/postgraduate


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