Workshop: Impact of international collaborations in research software

09 March 2018

Call for posters and registration now open.

The Software Sustainability Institute, of which EPCC is a founding partner, is organising the workshop "Impact of international collaborations in research software”. The event will take place on Tuesday 24th April 2018, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Posters from researchers based in the UK that demonstrate the impact of computational research and research enabled by software are invited, with examples of how collaboration has benefited work particularly welcome. Priority will be given to EPSRC researchers, though all research domain areas will be considered. The best examples will also be offered a short presentation slot (5-10 minutes) at the event.

Submissions (of no more than one A4 page) should include a short description of the research involved and the software used, an example of the impact it has had, and the role that collaboration has played in the work.


Proposals should be submitted via this form by 16th March 2018.


Register for the event at

Further information

Earlier this year, EPSRC awarded the Software Sustainability Institute and EPCC funding for UK-US RSE collaboration and to run a “Best Use of Archer competition”. As part of the planned activity funded by this grant, this event will showcase the impact of the awards and provide a space to discuss opportunities to build on international collaboration. This will be a workshop-style event, including presentations by awardees on the impact of their work and panel/discussion sessions on improving collaboration in the computational sciences. Attendees will include representatives from EPSRC, ARCHER and the Software Sustainability Institute.


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