EPCC News 64/HECToR X2 Vector goes live

November 2008
Data-mining; European visitor programme; MSc in HPC; fusion research; petascale systems; the blue phase of liquid crystals; the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope; network performance measurements; condition-based monitoring

EPCC News 63/ Get your motor running

August 2008
Technologies for SMEs; modelling the influenza virus; digital asset management in the film industry; MSC in HPC; HECToR and HPCx; petaflop computing

EPCC News 62/ High-End computing: modelling the world

April 2008
Data-mining; Pan-European HPC service; simulating molecular dynamics; biostatistics; digital asset management in the film industry; ocean modelling; Grid for business; HECToR launch; European research visitor programme; Grid for European research

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