EPCC News 52/Technological leadership

In this issue:

  • MSc in High Performance Computing
  • Collaboration: EPCC and IBM Blue Gene/L
  • HPC research facility: Advanced Computing Facility
  • e-Science: Tera-scale Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • HPCx: the most powerful academic supercomputer in Europe
  • European research and visitor programme: HPC-Europa
  • Scientific research: modelling the universe
  • UKQCD: data management system for quantum chromodynamics
  • HPC research: RealityGrid
  • ISC'04: EPCC at the International Supercomputing  Conference
  • Business research: using the Grid for data in business
  • Data-mining: international Grid for commercial data analysis
  • SunDCG: Sun Data and Compute Grids project
  • Next generation grid: NextGrid
  • Business research: financial services and the Grid
  • European Grid: ENACTS The Software Efficiency and Re-useability study

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