EPCC News 56/FHPCA The High Perfromance Computing Alliance

In this issue:

  • Bringing business to the Grid: BEinGRID
  • Offshore oil industry: OHM project
  • Europe’s biggest Grid: EGEE-II project
  • Computer games industry: parallel programming course
  • FHPCA: springs into life
  • Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute: OMII-Europe
  • Scientific data access and integration: OGSA-DAI
  • QCDOC update
  • HPCx: upgrade for HPCx service
  • DEISA update 2 years on
  • SC05: EPCC at the 2005 Supercomputing Conference
  • NextGRID: architecture experts workshop
  • Edinburgh Science Festival: EPCC returns
  • MSc in High Performance Computing: graduation 2005
  • NextGRID: architecture training course

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