EPCC News 59/Masters of our field

In this issue:

  • Scientific research: Blue Gene tackles cancer
  • HEC training centre: high-end computing for students
  • Condition-based monitoring: collecting and analysing data
  • FPGAs: future hardware
  • UKQCD collaboration: QCD support
  • Research computing: eDIKT2
  • Scientific research: modelling the universe
  • SC06: EPCC at the 2006 Supercomputing Conference
  • Research visitor programme: HPC-Europa user group meeting
  • GridWorld 2006: EPPC at GlobusWORLD and GGF-18
  • ISC06: EPCC at the 2006 International Supercomputing Conference
  • ScicomP06: EPCC at the 2006 IBM System Scientific Computing User Group

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