EPCC News 70/New horizons

Issue contents

  • NVIDIA CUDA Research Center: EPCC joins the programme 
  • EPCC's new management 
  • Exascale research: Cray’s European initiative 
  • Exascale software
  • Asynchronous algorithms
  • HPC research and innovation: PlanetHPC's strategy
  • Nuclear fusion simulations at exascale: Nu-FuSE
  • Exascale challenge: CRESTA project 
  • HPC-Europa: European research visitor programme
  • Cloud testbeds: BonFIRE project
  • Statistical analysis on HPC systems: SPRINT project
  • Virtual European supercomputer: DEISA project
  • Data-intensive engineering: EUDAT project
  • Creating a development environment: OGSA-DAI Visual Workbench
  • Maintaining research software: Software Sustainability Institute 
  • Medical imaging: supporting the adoption of new techniques
  • Predicting rare events: Forward Flux Sampling 
  • Data Intensive Research machine: EPCC's new EDIM1 machine
  • MSc in High Performance Computing: ten years on
  • Humanities e-research: Empowering research
  • Software for the new supercomputers: Russian-European collaboration APOS-EU 
  • Digital exclusion: BRIDGE project
  • HECToR: national supercomputing service's third and final upgrade

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