EPCC News 74/ARCHER: A new UK service for academic research

Issue contents

  • PGAS programming: 7th International Conference
  • Profile: Meet the people at EPCC
  • New national HPC service: Introducing ARCHER
  • Big Data: Data preservation and infrastructure
  • HPC for industry: Making business better
  • Simulation: Better synthesised sounds; Improving soft matter design 
  • Support for science: Advancing molecular dynamics 
  • Future of HPC: A roadmap to the next generation
  • Numerical simulations: NAIS’s new GPGPUs
  • Energy efficiency in HPC: More efficient parallel and cloud computing
  • Legacy code: Parallelising commercial codes
  • Exascale: European research projects
  • Intel Xeon Phi: Our first impressions
  • Training and education: MSc in HPC; research software; DiRAC, Summer of HPC
  • Outreach: Spreading the word about supercomputers
  • MSc in HPC: Study with us

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