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Parallel computing event: PARCO comes to Edinburgh

EPCC’s Silver Jubilee: 25 years of pioneering HPC

New European projects: We look forward to the next wave of research

Cloud-based HPC for business: FORTISSIMO ensures smaller companies don’t miss out

Health informatics: The Farr Institute will underpin data-driven health research

Distance learning: Our 2 new courses offer an introduction to the fundamental concepts of HPC and data science

HPC Outreach: Spreading the word

Software for exascale: A review of the CRESTA project and its legacy

HPC for Scottish business: Supercomputing Scotland 2 will encourage Scottish industry to adopt HPC

Exascale event review: EASC 2015 considered the software challenges of exascale

Postgraduate masters degrees: Our world-class MScs give graduates the skills to lead the way in HPC and data science. 



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