EPCC News 83/Addressing population-level health challenges

EPCC News 83: Addressing population-level health challenges


New starts: EPCC continues to grow

European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative: Boosting HPC competitiveness

World-Class Data Infrastructure: A unique combination of computing & data resources

Health Data Research UK: Applying data science to population health challenges

Preparing for exascale: Our new EU projects

Industry projects update: A roundup of recent work

Machine learning for industry grand challenges: Applying ML to oil & gas

Modelling room acoustics: Ray-tracing for sound

HPC visitors’ programme: HPC-Europa3’s first year

Digitising UK plc: EPCC to install HPE Apollo 70

New DiRAC system arrives: Tesseract will contribute to UK e-infrastructure

Modelling particles in the global atmosphere: UK Met Office collaboration

Supporting Big Science: European Open Science Cloud launches

EPCC’s MSc programmes: Changes for the coming year

Moving on... EPCC’s move to the Bayes

Exascale events review: Review of workshops

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