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The Practical Introduction to High Performance Computing and Practical Introduction to Data Science courses are designed to give a thorough introduction to the fundamental concepts of HPC and Data Science.

They should appeal to anyone working in applied computing who wants to learn about the leading-edge hardware and software technologies of today. The courses are based around practical exercises, running and experimenting with real programs and datasets to explore the concepts explained in the lectures. All you will need is a home computer with internet access: lectures and tutorials are delivered entirely online, and you will be given access to EPCC's supercomputers for practical exercises. 

Practical Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is a rapidly emerging, interdisciplinary field bringing together ideas from computer science, mathematics, statistics, software engineering and beyond. This online course introduces the concepts of data science and allows students to gain skills that would be expected of a data scientist.  

For more detailed information on the course and its structure see Practical Introduction to Data Science and Course Structure pages.

Practical Introduction to High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a fundamental technology used in solving scientific and commercial problems. The course covers the fundamental concepts of HPC and allows students to explore them by running parallel programs on real HPC systems such as the UK national supercomputer ARCHER. 

For more detailed information on the course and its structure see Practical introduction to High Performance Computing and Course Structure pages.  

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