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Practical Introduction to Data Science and Practical Introduction to HPC courses are taught by staff from across EPCC, who have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of HPC and Data Science. 

The team of the Data Science course includes:​

Adam Carter

I have worked at EPCC since 2003 after completing a PhD in computational statistical physics. Since joining EPCC I have been involved in a varied set of projects, from commercial projects involving data mining and data integration to more academic projects in high performance computing. Most of my current projects have an emphasis on data: I was the training coordinator for the first phase of the EUDAT project which is building a research data infrastructure for Europe, and I'm working on the PERICLES project which is concerned with data preservation. I'm also managing a project which is concerned with the coupling of a database of chemical structures with a simulation code running on an HPC machine.

I've supervised a variety of MSc projects in the past, most recently those with an emphasis on data intensive computing. I also have an interest in the general approaches to parallel computing, and I'm the course organiser for Fundamentals of Data Management. I am also a Personal Tutor for the MSc in HPC and the MSc in HPC with Data Science. 

Rob Baxter

Dr Rob BAXTER is Software Development Group Manager at EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. Originally a physicist, then a programmer of high-performance computers, he now manages a portfolio of research and development projects with a particular focus on data and data infrastructure.

His management experience includes running the £6.0M UK e-Science OGSA-DAI project, the £2.3M SFC eDIKT programme, the €4.3M FP7 ADMIRE project – all concerned with intelligent data handling – and numerous commercial technology transfer projects. He currently oversees the strategy and policy activities in the €19M EUDAT European Data infrastructure initiative and delivery of the secure data processing environment and medical image archive for the Farr Institute Scotland. He is co-creator and principal lecturer on EPCC’s Fundamentals of Data Management MSc course.

The team of the HPC course includes:

David Henty 

I am the Programme Director for both MSc programmes offered by EPCC and I am also in charge of our online courses. I lead EPCC's HPC training activities, which includes courses for the ARCHER National Supercomputer and out PRACE Advanced Training Centre. 

My research interests are in the area of achieving optimal performance for real scientific applications on vary large parallel supercomputers. I have supervised MSc projects studying applications in engineering, ocean modelling and molecular simulations, as well as lower-level investigations of the performance characteristics of different parallel architectures. I am also interested in new parallel computer languages and programming models, and using HPC techniques to exploit the potential of multicore processors.


Andrew Turner

I originally joined EPCC in July 2008 as a member of the User Support and Liaison Team. My work is centred around helping researchers get the most from computing facilities hosted by EPCC and elsewhere. I do this through porting and optimising code to various HPC facilities; providing consultancy to commercial organisations; teaching undergraduates and postgraduates; and collaborating with academics on research proposals.

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