BEinGRID: Business Experiments in Grid

As Grid technologies mature their relevance to business is increasing dramatically. BEinGRID carried out a series of Business Experiments to demonstrate the benefits of Grid computing.

Launched in June 2006 and completing in late 2009, BEinGRID was at the time the European Union’s largest integrated project funded by the Information Society Technologies (IST), part of the European Union’s sixth research Framework Programme (FP6). A large consortium of 98 diverse industry and academia partners drove the project, where small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) collaborated directly with the continent’s leading R&D centers.

The BEinGRID project identified clear business needs to be met by Grid technologies. Its 25 business pilots - covering industrial sectors such as finance, architecture, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and health - focused on solving real problems using different Grid technology solutions for collaboration, performance and enabling new services.

EPCC was involved in two of these; GRID2(B2B) and FilmGrid. Complementing this work, a repository of Grid service components and best practice was created to support European businesses who wish to take up the Grid. For further details visit the BEinGRID project website