EUDAT: European data infrastructure

The EUDAT project aims to contribute to the production of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI).

The project´s target is to provide a pan-European solution to the challenge of data proliferation in Europe's scientific and research communities. There is a relentless trend of massive data generation that is happening across all human activities: business, government, personal and academic. It is estimated that the amount of data produced each year is greater than the sum of all that previously created. The growth of data has outpaced the development of tools to deal with it. This has left us struggling, not only with the sheer volume of data being generated, but also with the ever-increasing complexity of data interactions.

Although the challenges may seem daunting, the opportunities are immense. With a proper infrastructure and tools in place, researchers will be able to share data and exploit it to the full to derive new knowledge.

The EUDAT vision is to support a Collaborative Data Infrastructure which will allow researchers to share data within and between communities and enable them to carry out their research effectively. EUDAT aims to provide a solution that will be affordable, trustworthy, robust, persistent and easy to use.

EUDAT comprises 25 European partners, including data centres, technology providers, research communities and funding agencies from 13 countries. For a full list of the partners and more information about the project,  visit the EUDAT project website