FHPCA Supercomputer: Maxwell

EPCC is a founding member of the FPGA High Performance Computing Alliance (FHPCA). The FHPCA develops high-performance computing solutions using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to deliver new levels of performance into the technical computing market.

EPCC managed the construction of a 64-FPGA Supercomputer for the Alliance, a machine that demonstrates true FPGA-to-FPGA parallel computing. Our approach avoids the FPGA-to-host-CPUoverheads that currently hinder the true potential of FPGAs for high-performance computing. In addition the project developed software for HPC applications on the FPGA Supercomputer. The FPGA processor works extremely fast and offers HPC at low cost.

In December 2007 Maxwell won a medal in the British Computer Society IT Industry Awards in the Innovation category.

For further information, visit the FHPCA Supercomputer project website