FilmGRID: Software for post-production film companies

As Grid technologies mature, their relevance to business is increasing dramatically. BEinGRID carried out a series of Business Experiments to demonstrate the benefits of Grid computing.

FilmGRID is a prototype Grid-based software solution designed to better manage the flow and availability of data for modern day motion pictures. Post-production film relies heavily on couriers transporting film assets, footage and data to companies in different cities or countries. These labour-intensive processes make it difficult to maintain an accurate picture of the status of a production, causing complications. FilmGRID is designed to be deployed as the workflow solution that replaces manual courier services with reliable digital ones. For example, traditional courier transport is replaced using network transfers and hand-edited storyboards are replaced with an easy-to-edit digital storyboard, which conveys up-to-date information to all partners.

For further details, visit the BEinGRID project website