Fortissimo: Simulation services in the cloud

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Fortissimo is a collaborative project that enables European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on a High Performance Computing cloud infrastructure.

The project is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and involves 123 partners (74 SMEs) including Manufacturing Companies, Application Developers, Domain Experts, IT Solution Providers and HPC Cloud Service Providers from 14 countries. These partners are engaged in 53 experiments (case studies) where business relevant simulations of industrial processes are implemented and evaluated. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme and is part of the I4MS Initiative.

Fortissimo Marketplace

The concept of a marketplace for cloud-based HPC services came from work EPCC did on the PlanetHPC project (contract no 248749). The Fortissimo project has realised this vision with the launch of the Marketplace in October 2016. The Marketplace sells service based on the work done in Fortissimo experiments, together with other cloud-based HPC services for which there is industry demand.

Fortissimo 2

The success of Fortissimo has led to a follow-on project Fortissimo 2. The concept of Fortissimo 2 is similar, with a set of core partners overseeing and supporting experiments, but is also has a strong focus of the long-term sustainability of the Fortissimo Marketplace which we see as playing a vital role in improving the competitiveness of  European SMEs and mid-caps in manfacturing (and other) industries.

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