GridWeaver: Configuration and management of Grid computing

The GridWeaver project was a collaboration with School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and HP Laboratories.

The project investigated solutions for automating the configuration and management of Grid computing fabrics. The aim of the project was to bring together experience and existing technologies from two different domains; configuration management for large-scale computing fabrics and configuration management for large-scale distributed applications. LCFG, a system configuration toolkit, provided the expertise in computing fabrics. It formed the configuration infrastructure for the School of Informatics and was applied to the European DataGRID test-beds. HP laboratories experimental test-bed, SmartFrog, a framework for the development of configuration-driven systems, provided the expertise for distributed applications.

The project established the requirements of next-generation Grid/utility computing. In addition, it assessed how well technologies fitted the requirements  of next-generation Grid/utility computing and identified their strengths and weaknesses. A prototype solution to some of the requirements was produced, which showed how the strengths of our technologies could address some of the basic issues.

For further information, visit the GridWeaver project website