NextGRID: Architecture for the next generation GRID

NextGRID was part of a major initiative to ensure that Europe is a world leader in Grid technology, central to the new knowledge-based economy.

The NextGRID project aim was to define the architecture that will lead to the emergence of the next generation of the Grid. NextGRID focused on Grids for business, a vision of future Grids that are economically viable; in which new and existing business models are possible; in which development, deployment and maintenance are easy; and in which the provisions for security and privacy give confidence to businesses, consumers and the general public. EPCC’s role in NextGRID was twofold:

  • lead the project and provide overall management.
  • develop the Grid Foundations work package. This involved developing and testing new components corresponding to the concepts, mechanisms and interfaces arising from the architecture activity. The work addressed the basic properties of individual services, the protocols use to communicate with them and the core services fundamental to the next Grid services architecture

NextGRID was built using architectural designs that have been published as Generalised Specifications. To complement the Generalised Specifications we also published the NextGRID Cookbook. The Cookbook is essentially a guide for system designers and developers who want to implement a business Grid and can be downloaded from the Next Grid project website