OGSA-DAI: Solutions for distributed data access and management

The OGSA-DAI project developed an innovative solution for distributed data access and management.

OGSA-DAI allows data resources (e.g. relational or XML databases, files, RDF triples or web services) to be accessed and managed via web services on the web or within grids or clouds. Via these web services, data can be queried, updated, transformed and combined in various ways. OGSA-DAI allows complex distributed data management scenarios to be implemented in which data from one or more sources can be accessed, updated, combined and transformed. OGSA-DAI also features a powerful distributed query processor that allow distributed data sources to be viewed and queried as if they were a single resource. It contributes to a future in which researchers and business users move away from technical issues such as data location, data structure, data transfer and the ins and outs of data integration and instead focus on application-specific data analysis and processing.

The OGSA-DAI project also contributed to the development of Open Grid Forum specifications for database access via web services through its involvement in the Database Access and Integration Services Working Group. It is one of our longest collaborative projects and involved working with UK eScience centres, IBM and Oracle, and can be downloaded from our open source site.

The project ran from 2002 to 2011.