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Exascale software research and development

Very few applications will be re-written to be “exascale-ready” in time for the emergence of the first such systems, and thus the vast majority of application users will rely on software written with today’s prevalent programming models, such as MPI and OpenMP.

EPCC has significant expertise in programme models and we have been applying this expertise to investigating and developing programming models for exascale. We also have a wealth of experience in areas such as energy monitoring and modelling, data analytics programming environments, and the efficient use of non-volatile memory.​

Key projects in this area include:

INTERTWinE: addresses software, tackling the problem of running the most important HPC applications efficiently and effectively on an exascale-like platform. INTERTWinE is investigating and addressing the barriers to efficiency and scalability when today’s programming models are combined (‘hybridisation’) to create hierarchies of parallelism. Led by EPCC, INTERTWinE is a collaboration of nine partners, with representatives from world-class programming-model and parallel interface teams around Europe. 

DEEP-EST (DEEP-Extreme-Scale Technologies) project: builds on two previous European projects, DEEP (Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform) and DEEP-ER (DEEP-Extended Reach), to design and implement a Modular Supercomputer Architecture (MSA). The MSA integrates compute modules (multi-core nodes, many-core nodes, GPU nodes etc) with different performance characteristics into a single heterogeneous system. Each module is a parallel computer, and modules are connected by specialised networks. The MSA is designed to enable heterogeneous applications or application workflows to run efficiently, by running different parts of an application (or workflow) on hardware that best matches its performance requirements. 

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