Materials simulation

Understanding and designing new materials is important in many contexts

Nuclear fusion, the energy source of the stars, promises a low pollution route to generating massive amounts of energy sustainably and cleanly. EPCC collaborates with Prof. Graeme Ackland at the University of Edinburgh to enable modelling of materials in the extreme conditions inside a fusion reactor.

The materials chosen for the construction of a reactor must be able to withstand the likely impacts and damage that fusion plasmas will inflict on them. Also, to enable the reactors to be easily be maintained and decommissioned, they must not become radioactive.

Our work with Professor Ackland is primarily focused on the modelling and simulation capabilities of the Edinburgh-developed MOLDY package. The work is currently supported by the Nu-FuSE (Nuclear Fusion Simulations at Exascale) project, an international endeavour to significantly improve computational modelling capabilities to the level required by the new generation of fusion reactors.

Nu-FuSE is funded through the G8 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding.


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