Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Flow

The complexities and nature of fluid flows, often combined with problems set in open domains, implies that the resources needed to computationally model problems of industrial and academic relevance is virtually unbounded. Fluid Dynamics (FD) simulations therefore are a natural driver for exascale computing and have the potential for substantial societal impact, like reduced energy consumption, alternative sources of energy, improved health care, and improved climate models.

Through the Exaflow project, we are addressing algorithmic challenges to enable the use of accurate simulation models in exascale environments. Driven by problems of practical engineering interest we have a focus on important simulation aspects including:

  • Error control and adaptive mesh refinement in complex computational domains,
  • Resilience and fault tolerance in complex simulations
  • Heterogeneous modeling 
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency in solver design
  • Parallel input/output and in-situ compression for extreme data.

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