EPCC Fortran Coarray micro-benchmark suite

A low-level benchmark suite for Fortran coarrays, which measures a set of basic parallel operations.

It can be used to investigate the performance of the underlying hardware, or the performance/quality of the compiler. Note that not all Fortran compilers currently support coarrays.


Version1.0 gzip'd tar file


See README.txt in the download

Related publications

D. Henty, Performance of Fortran Coarrays on the Cray XE6, in Proceedings of Cray User Group 2012. pdf

D. Henty, A Parallel Benchmark Suite for Fortran Coarrays, in Applications, Tools and Techniques on the Road to Exascale Computing (IOS Press, 2012), pp. 281-288. This is available from IOS Press: http://ebooks.iospress.nl/publication/26537


Currently under active development, but most recent version is 1.0


This code is provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0


David Henty

This work has been supported by the CRESTA project that has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (ICT-2011.9.13) under Grant Agreement no. 287703     

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