Software underpins research – from modelling and simulation to data analysis and management. Software supports researchers, enhances existing methods, and enables new discoveries.

Scientific software is an essential tool in any researcher's toolbox. The unique challenges of developing and maintaining software used in research include working with cutting-edge hardware, dealing with the uncertainties inherent in scientific exploration, and satisfying the requirements of diverse communities. EPCC has over twenty-five years' experience of working on software development for both academia and industry, as well as collaborations with leading scientists resulting in the development of codes that address the grand challenges of science.

Software collaborations

EPCC has collaborated with research groups across the world to help develop, extend, optimise and port their software. We have worked in areas as diverse as cardiac simulation, materials science, plasma physics, meteorology, computational chemistry, materials science, engineering and mathematics.

Software products

EPCC’s software products range from benchmark suites for parallel programming models to innovative solutions for data analysis, integration and management.

Software archive

Past software projects are described in the Projects Portfolio.

Software sustainability

Sustainability means that the software functionality you use today will be available - and continue to be improved and supported - in the future. EPCC is a world-leading centre for research and practice in software sustainability, applying best practice in software engineering enhanced by experience from its software development projects. It is the lead institution of the Software Sustainability Institute as well as the UK coordinator for Software Carpentry.


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