Our Accelerator service delivers high-performance computing (HPC) capability at a fraction of the cost of buying and operating your own in-house HPC capability. Accelerator can be used as a:

  • Transformative HPC resource accelerating your development and discovery lifecycles;
  • Flexible HPC resource smoothing out your own demand peaks;
  • Contingency over internal HPC infrastructure failure.

There are several routes to Accelerator adoption:

  • Direct Access: For users conversant with using HPC platforms, direct and immediate access on a pay-per-use basis is provided;
  • Self-Assessed Free Trial: We can set you up with a free trial on any of our service machines so that you can undertake your own test drive, piloting and benchmarking activities;
  • Assisted Adopter Programme: We will work with you to facilitate the seamless mapping of your in-house workflows to EPCC's HPC platforms, complete with user specific documentation and training.

We are currently offering free trials of Accelerator.

For further information please contact:
Thomas Blyth
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For examples of our collaborative work, see these case studies.

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