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We are committed to bringing the world of high-performance computing (HPC) to all companies.

In particular, helping small and medium sized companies overcome the barriers to using HPC is a priority for us.

Free trial of on-demand HPC 

Accelerator, our on-demand computing service for business, brings leading edge supercomputing capability directly to your desktop. We are currently offering free trials of Accelerator

Case Studies

Advanced CFD reduces noise and emissions

We worked with the Aircraft Research Association (ARA) in porting its modelling and simulation workflows to the ARCHER platform, enabling ARA to perform its largest CFD simulation ever:
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Delivering the competitive edge

Swedish SME Koenigsegg is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Using EPCC’s HPC-on demand service, Koeniggsegg buys simulation as a service on demand, only paying for what it uses. This reduces development costs and time to market.
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CFD modelling:
Delivering a simulation and modelling service on HPC cloud

A collaboration between EPCC and ENGYS has created a simulation-as-a-service (SAAS) business model offering cost effective, pay-per-use access to advanced CFD modelling.
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Upscale your business with high performance data analytics

IES develops the world’s leading integrated building-performance modelling software system. EPCC helped to accelerate the performance of the tool by adapting it to run on large-scale HPC systems. We also provided the HPC-platform-on-demand service that allows simulations to be run, as a service, on a pay-per-use basis, drastically reducing cost and run-time.
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Detecting road defects:
Automated analysis using cloud-based web services

The Road Intelligence app uses an ordinary smartphone to collect accelerometer and gyroscopic data on every road defect a vehicle encounters. The app connects to a cloud-based system built by EPCC that integrates different Amazon Web Services, including a user-account system, data-checking, and data services.
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Environmental modelling:
Accelerating decision making with pay-per-use access to HPC

Environmental models are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex as our knowledge of processes and behaviours improves. While these new models are driving improved environmental decision-making, they also require significant computational power. EPCC’s Accelerator service provides easy, cost-effective access on a pay-per-use basis to both HPC infrastructure and environmental modelling software.
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Image analysis:
Generating value from big data

Global Surface Intelligence (GSi) provides machine learning and predictive analytics on large and complex data sets. We re-engineered GSi's code and moved it to our HPC systems. As a result of our work, a full set of satellite imagery for the entire Earth’s surface can now be analysed in a few hours rather than days.
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Oil and Gas:
Fire and explosion modelling

Gexcon AS is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling. Gexcon and EPCC have collaborated to create a unique explosion and fire modelling service for process-manufacturing industries. Users benefit from easy, low cost access to a FLACS service that can reduce simulation time from weeks to hours.
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HPC-enabled clean energy

WaveNET is a radical new wave-energy device developed by Albatern. We undertook the development of software that would be capable of simulating a large-scale Wavenet array on a high-performance computing system.
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Research & development: 
Speeding up the development of new healthcare products

Optos is a leading provider of retinal imaging products and services to eye-care professionals. It worked with EPCC and Intel to significantly enhance and optimise a software algorithm central to a new and novel retinal imaging product. The optimised Optos codes are now fast enough to be deployed on a production device.
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