Online Learning Programmes

EPCC offers Postgraduate Online Learning programmes in HPC and HPC with Data Science for Masters (MSc), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), Postgraduate Cerificate (PGCert) and Postgraduate Professional Development (PGProfDev).

Flexible Online Learning programmes for the modern professional

EPCC launched its Online Learning programmes in 2020 to cater to the growing demand for HPC skills in the workforce, either as upskilling or professional development, or to allow those already working to retrain alongside busy lives.

The programmes are fully online and designed to be flexible in their delivery with students studying across a minimum of three academic years, but also being able to study across up to six.

The Online Learning programmes (available as both the full MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate, and unstructured professional development opportunities) have widened the potential audience for these opportunities to provide part-time study options to those in HPC or related sectors already wishing to upskill via accredited university courses and programmes, those in other fields looking to retrain and gain new qualifications alongside their existing careers. The flexible structure provided by the intermittent study mode allows students to vary the pace of study to suit the demands of their life, allows easy utilisation of company training budgets to fund or part-fund studies, and allows students to pay on a per-course basis rather than with a set annual fee.


This flexibility therefore provides students with access to the same EPCC teaching and material as their on-campus MSc counterparts, while also benefitting from the University's wider support infrastructure for online learning students.

Apply Now

Applications are now open for September 2024 entry (and January 2024 entry is possible via the Postgraduate Professional Development route) via the University degree finder:



Please don't hesitate to contact us via or call +441316513398. We will also be providing various live events to provide information across the year, including at the University's Postgraduate Online Learning Open Day in May 2024.