Training courses

Through our links with national services, international collaborations and other projects, we deliver a wide range of training courses in High Performance Computing and Data Science.

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EPCC provides training for users of the ARCHER2 service

Whilst these courses focus primarily on the ARCHER2 system, they also include courses of wider interest, including courses on MPI and OpenMP. Many course videos and course materials are available, with slightly older training materials developed for the original ARCHER service available too.

Software Sustainability Institute

EPCC is actively involved with the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), through which we offer training courses in Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry which are designed to introduce researchers in various fields to Software Engineering and Data Science.

European collaborative projects

EPCC collaborates with multiple partners throughout Europe in HPC infrastructure projects such as PRACE and Centres of Excellence like BioExcel and CompBioMed. Through these projects we deliver courses and collaborate in the development of courses and training materials.

Supercomputing MOOC

In collaboration with partners from PRACE, EPCC has developed a 5-week Supercomputing MOOC (a free, open, online course) in Supercomputing. The course is designed for anyone interested in leading-edge computing technology, supercomputers or the role that computer simulation takes in modern science and engineering.

Data science workshops for health and biosciences researchers

Ed-DaSH workshops teach a mix of existing and new content, including new material developed in parallel by other initiatives, to address the skills gaps most frequently identified by health and bioscience researchers. EPCC manages Ed-DaSH, and provides technical support for its workshops through the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

Bespoke courses

We can create bespoke courses in areas related to HPC, Data Management and Data Science for technical or general audiences. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Archive training material

Below you will find links to some older training material which may no longer be up-to-date, but which we offer here for archive purposes.

Learn CUDA in an Afternoon

Created and presented by former EPCC staff member Alan Gray, with contributions from James Perry.

This introductory CUDA tutorial consists of a video and a document containing instructions on how to perform the practical exercises (including how to get the template files). 

For the hands-on part, you will need access to CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPU. There are two exercises. The first, Getting Started with CUDA, can be attempted after the first 41 minutes of the video. The remaining part of the video discusses CUDA optimisation techniques, after which the second exercise, Optimising an Application, can be attempted.